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Vallejo City Council, District 1

Common Sense Leadership

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Come out to Wardlaw Park on June 22nd for our Meet & Greet event!
You can follow where Brenda will be next with our Calendar of events. To see where Brenda will be next click Here
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Brenda Plechaty

Brenda Plechaty has a history of involvement in local issues. Resident of Vallejo since 1998, raised two children Straits of Mare Island Rowing Association, member since 2010, president for 12 of those years Co-creator of youth rowing program (The Lady Echelon Project) 2023 Founder of Traumatic Brain Injury Caregiver’s Support Group, 2018 Vice Chair of Vallejo Civil Service Commission, 2020 Chair of Vallejo Marina Advisory Committee, 2023 Named by Congressman John Garamendi as one of the Women of the Year, for making “significant contributions to society through public service, business, education, and local economy.” October, 2023 Vallejo Times Herald Home Town Hero finalist, honored for her “hard work and tireless dedication,” November 1, 2023 Brenda Plechaty has the skills needed for a councilmember: She is retired from a global interior architectural company based in San Francisco, including serving for six years as payroll manager and seven years as Director of Human Resources. Budget: handled payrolls and worked within a budget as a Certified Payroll Professional Personnel: dealt with both union and non-union personnel, entrepreneurs, and corporations Contracts: negotiated and implemented contracts

    About Brenda

Why I am running for office


I have lived in Vallejo for the past 25+ years and watched this amazing city slowly go into disrepair.  As an active member of our community, I see and believe Vallejo is the uncut gem of the bay area. We have the most amazing assets to build up; and most importantly, the best people.  We need to unify, work together, engage with all our local residents to help bring this city back to a place where we feel safe and are proud to call Vallejo our home. 

What does a City Council Member do?

It is an elected group of 6, 1 from each district working with the mayor to create policies to govern their districts.  To serve the needs of the people who live and work there.  They monitor city agencies like the police and public works departments to ensure they are serving their community, review land usage within the city, decide how best to grow and develop the city properties, attend meetings, meet with the public to discuss issues.

The council must have a majority vote to move anything forward or make changes.  We must be open, understand, compromise and give clear direction to our city agencies and to the citizens of Vallejo.

My thoughts on Vallejo

We need to get back to our foundation.  Currently, we are building upon failed projects, policies and directives.  Vallejo needs to focus on safety, unifying and involvement.  So how do we get there?

  • Work with our City Manager, Human Resources, Public Works and the Finance departments to address current concerns and find potential solutions and ways of moving forward .

  • Get our residents involved.

  • Work with the non-profit services to come together and provide their special programs though a shared avenue. So, everyone, both the non-profits and the people have the best access to all programs. This will truly benefit our youth, elderly, homeless and everyone in our community.


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